Break bulk

Welcome to our new break bulk shipping website !

Neslo Chartering Aps is a danish based company involved in the break bulk dry cargo shipping, more precisely in all aspects of chartering and commercial ship management of multi purpose break bulk vessel’s from 3000 Dwat upto 35,000 Dwat in size.

These vessel’s are the most versile and most flexible sizes of dry cargo vessel’s in todays shipping market, they can trade both in local short sea trade in different areas of the world, but most of these dry cargo vessel’s are mainly engaged in worldwide trade.

Our fixtures of various break bulk cargoes, is counting anything from small parcels of steels or other general cargo, large bulk cargoes as full shipments, several deck cargoes of large volume constructions or timber, but certainly also to heavy-lift cargoes both for under deck or on deck shipment, and all of this from anywhere you have a need to load your cargo for any destination in the world.

If you have any sort of shipping requirement, if you need prices or simply have a question related to our activities, then please kindly contact us as follows:

Neslo Chartering Aps (part of Neslo Group Aps)
Nebelvej 15
8700 Horsens

Phone +45-30278055

We would be glad to prove our worldwide professional shipping knowledge towards you!